Schedule C
Profit and Loss From a Business

_____ Gross Income
_____ Other Income

_____ Advertising
_____ Bad Debts
_____ Car and Truck Exp/business
_____ Insurance (other than health)
_____ Interest on any Bus.Loans
_____ Legal and Professional Fees
_____ Office Expenses
_____ Rent (property)
_____ Rent/Lease (Equipment)
_____ Repairs and Maint
_____ Supplies
_____ Taxes & Licenses
_____ Travel
_____ Meals & Entertainment
_____ Utilities
_____ Wages

Expense for Business
Use of Your Home
_____ Total Area of Home
_____ Business Area of Home
_____ Mortgage Interest
_____ Real Estate Taxes
_____ Insurance
_____ Repairs/Maintenance Done in Year
_____ Month/Year Home First Used for
_____ Your Investment in Home
          (purchase price + improvements)

Daycare Use
_____ Total Hours used for DC

Schedule E
Property Rental

_____ Total Rents Received
_____ Portion of Blding used
          for rental purposes
_____ Advertising Costs
_____ Auto Expense/mileage
_____ Blding Insurance
_____ Legal/professional fees
_____ Management fees
_____ Mortgage interest
_____ Other interest
_____ Repairs
_____ Supplies
_____ Real Estate Taxes
_____ Utilities
_____ Month/Year building was first used
          as rental
_____ Purchase Price + added

Schedule D
Capital Gains/Stocks

_____ 1099B from stock company
_____ Date of Purchase
_____ Purchase Price
_____ Date Sold
_____ Amount of Stock Sold
_____ Sale Price

Form 2442
Child and Dependent Care

_____ Name of Person/Org who provided
_____ SS# or EIN of Person/Org
_____ Amount Paid to Care Giver

Directions Refresher: Route 91 to Exit 16. Down ramp towards Holyoke. Straight through first light (Hillside Ave.), left at next light (Route 5/Northampton St.). Take a quick right into the Yankee Pedlar parking lot. Go to the back of the lot, then to the left, and park in front of the building closest to Holyoke Hospital (there is a Quality Tax sign next to the door on a placard). Use the parking lot entrance (the back door) of the building. We are on the first floor: Rooms 411, 412, 413 and 414.