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Tax Preparation Information

What information do we need to prepare your taxes?
Everyone needs to remember:

  • W-2s and last pay stubs;
  • any bank tax forms showing interest earned or interest paid;
  • the social security numbers and birth dates of any dependent children;
  • canceled checks of any estimated tax payments (federal or state);
  • higher education expenses...tuition, books, fees...incurred by either you, your spouse, or your college-aged children.

HEALTH INSURANCE DOCUMENTATION: Remember that the new Affordable Care Act requires everyone (no matter what state you live in) to provide proof of health insurance.
Forms you might receive:

  1. Form 1099 HC
  2. Form 1095A
  3. Form 1095B
  4. Form 1095C

If you are dropping off your taxes, please make sure that you clearly print your name, along with your correct address and phone number on the envelope.

The following checklist will help people with itemized deductions, businesses, rental properties, and capital gains.

Letter to Clients: 2015 Click for pdf of Client Letter  Click for Word document of client letter    Tax Preparation Checklist: 2015 Click for pdf of the tax preparation checklist  Click for Excel version of the tax preparation checklist  2015-2016 Tax Facts

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