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Tax Preparation Rates: 2015

At QT&B, we strive to give quality service at reasonable rates. Unlike many firms, we don't charge according to the number of forms we generate. We do, however, set forth some general parameters. (And, if you find that we are calling your many times for missing information, you can assume that your cost will increase.)

The following chart gives you our new pricing structure.

Individual Taxes (Form 1040 / 1040A) Dropping off Appt. with Sue
Minimum Charge $100 $150 / half hr. appt.
With Simple Taxes for Dependents An extra $20-$50
per return
An extra $30-$50
per return if time
With Rental Properties (Schedule E) An extra $50-$300
With Capital Gains (Schedule D) An extra $50-$200
With Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C) An extra $100-$400
Partnership Taxes (Form 1065) $350 - $1500
Corporate Taxes (Form 1120 / 1120S) $550 - $3000
Tax-Exempt Taxes (Form 990) $500 - $2500

Remember that we accept all credit and debit cards.

If your taxes are more complicated, we advise booking an appointment.

Tax Preparation Checklist: 2015 Click for pdf of the tax preparation checklist   Click for Excel version of the tax preparation checklist  2015-2016 Tax Facts

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College Financial Aid Forms Rates

Generally, this work can be done in conjunction with your tax preparation. You can be most efficient if you go online at www.fafsa.ed.gov, start the Financial Aid Form process by filling in all the personal data, and then BRING THE USER NAME AND PASSWORD with you to your tax appointment. We usually can finish up the form here in the office after we've finalized your taxes. The cost for adding on a Financial Aid Form runs between $25 - $80 extra...depending on how many forms you bring (some colleges require additional paperwork besides the FAFSA).

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Starting a Business Rates

Here at our office, we can usually help you with many, if not all, aspects of setting up a business. Our business set-up rate of $100/hour applies to this process. Usually an hour to an hour and a half will allow us to secure an EIN (employer identification number), and finish the on-line application to the state to start a corporation, an LLC, an LLP, or a partnership. Business plans (narratives of your goals and financial projections) that you might need for financing will take longer as they are more involved. We can show you some examples, give you a list of the categories needed in your narrative, and, if you wish, help you to write your plan.

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Payroll Services Rates

If help in payroll is the only service you are looking for, our charge depends on the number of employees, and the logistics of check delivery. If you pick up your payroll checks* every pay period, our rates are as follows:

Number of Employees Probable Cost/Pay Period
One to five employees: $25 / pay period
Ten to twenty employees: $65 / pay period
Twenty to forty employees: $85 / pay period
Forty to sixty employees: $120 / pay period
Sixty to eighty employees: $140 / pay period
Eighty to One Hundred: $160 / pay period

The above fee includes on-line tax payments after each pay period for federal and state withholding taxes.

Quarterly paperwork (form 941, form M-1, form WR-1, and the DUA form) costs between $100 and $350/quarter, depending on the size of your company.

N.B. If we need to drop off your payroll checks each week, we charge extra for our time and the mileage involved.

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Accounting Services Rates

We charge by the hour ($75/hour) for our accounting rates, so your price will depend on the size of your business.

Accounting Service Rates Package
$130-$200 per week for our full-service package
$175-$350 per month for our monthly service package
$250-$500 every three months for our quarterly service package

Keep in mind that a "service package" includes payroll tax forms, sales/meals tax forms, profit/loss statements, bank reconciliations, workman's compensation audits, and all necessary government correspondence with federal and state authorities

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Retirement Planning Consultation Rates

Are you planning on retiring within the next two years? If so, you should make an appointment with me so that you can plan for the new tax requirements of your retirement. This appointment will probably last an hour; our fee for this consultation is $100/hour.

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Estate Taxwork Rates

Estate work can be very complicated. We charge our hourly rate for this work: $100/hour. We will complete the decedent's final return, secure an estate tax number if necessary, help with the completion of form 706, and complete and file form 1041. Most estate work costs between $450 and $1000.

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Elder Financial Services Rates

This needed service is again run on our hourly rate of $85/hour. Once the client has been established (a process that usually takes two-three hours, and involves costs for organization supplies...folders, portable filing containers) the usual monthly fee is between $100-$150...depending on the distance to the client's home, and the average time spent with the monthly paperwork. We set up as much as we can online to minimize the cost to the client.

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Budget Planning Rates

We have found that this process is most effective when it takes place in your own home. We set up an appointment time with you (and your spouse if you're married) at your home, and then we go through a month's worth of checks written, debit-card purchases, credit card purchases, and cash outflow. We look at income expected versus spending patterns, and then we propose a plan. This process usually takes one-two hours (depending on how available these records are when we get there). Our fee for budget planning is $100/hour plus travel time.
Most clients pay between $200-$300 for this service.

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